Basic Christian Beliefs

GOD—“There is one true God, who has all power, wisdom and goodness.  God made and preserves all things.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one God, the Trinity.”

GRACE—God loves every person with a constant love.  There is nothing we can do either to deserve or earn it.  God’s grace covers all of our sin.

CHRIST—The great mystery we call God was fully revealed to us in the form of the man, Jesus of Nazareth.  The words and actions of Jesus help understand the loving nature of God.  Christ gave up his life for us, was raised from the dead so that all persons can have eternal life through his everlasting love.

JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH—“We are justified, or pardoned, not by good works but by faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”  Justification is being brought into a proper relationship with God and neighbor.

THE HOLY SPIRIT—God continues to be revealed to us today in many different ways.  Both the experienced presence of God in our lives and the assumed activity of God in history are identified as the Holy Spirit.

Beliefs of United Methodists

UNIVERSAL REDEMPTION—Salvation is available to everyone.

ASSURANCE—God makes God’s love, forgiveness and salvation known to us through an inner experience of the Holy Spirit.

SANTIFICATION AND CHRISTIAN PERFECTION—We grow in the process of becoming perfectly loving, taking on the character of God, growing to be Christ-like.  We move toward Christian perfection through involvement with Christ working through us in ministry, regular worship and Holy Communion.


Sacraments Celebrated

BAPTISM—We baptize adults, and infants and children and require their parents and the congregation to take vows to live their lives so that they will be examples which will help lead their children to choose Jesus Christ.  Children, around 12 years old, may attend a confirmation class after which they may be confirmed as full members of the church.  Baptism, which began by faith by their parents, is completed in faith by the children when they reaffirm the vows themselves.

HOLY COMMUNION—This is one of the means by which we receive God’s grace.  The consecrated bread and juice is given to all who are willing to repent of their sins, to live in love and charity with their neighbors, and to follow the commandments of God.  We do not restrict the Lord’s Supper only to members or even only to United Methodists.